One goes in: Besiktas will be next partner of UFL

Developers and Publisher Striker Inc. still give only pieces of information about their upcoming football game NFL. The free simulation should appear next year, Gameplay has not been shown yet.

For this purpose, new partnerships with known football clubs are always announced. After a series of sonorous names, such as Borussia Mönchengladbach, Sporting Lisbon or Schachtar Donetsk, is now the next traditional club in the series: Besides Istanbul becomes official partner of NFL.

Next Top Club in the NFL assortment

The 'Black Eagles' belong to the 'Big Three' in Turkey next to City Rivals Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray. Last season, you could win the double. Thus, Striker Inc. So get another high-raining partner to the boat.

According to the official press release, This Agreement Striker Inc. offers the opportunity to look over the Bosporus and to get closer to Turkish players. For the club, the contract is a unique opportunity to spread your wings about the unexplored country of eSport.

How exactly agreements like these are reflected in the game is still unknown. Although First FIDA, who is responsible for ESPORT management at Besides, is talking about that what we've already seen from Striker Inc. is a revolution in the esp port. Both the general gaming and the press have not been able to see anything yet.

The gameplay revelation is to take place in January, until now, only minimal cutouts of stadium and player ships were shown. The most direct insight on the chart of the game took place on the announcement of Roberto Firming as an ambassador of the game.

UFL : Le Besiktas, nouveau partenaire ! How many other clubs and players will be licensed is still unclear. The exact date of the coming gameplay trailer is still out.

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