Prank: That was the most intense half of my football life

It gave us well, draw to play. It was a reasonable, just outcome, Christian Stretch said on Friday over the 0: 0 two days before at Union Berlin. Most recently, the Freiburg coach and his players had made other, painful experience with what was lit up on the scoreboards after graduation. The lots similar to Frankfurt balanced in Köpenick (0: 2) and Cofferdam (1: 2) lost the SC unhappy and had the clearly superior game in Bochum (1: 2) even more bad luck with the result.

Despite only four points from six games, the Brasher with a total of 26 meters still lie further above the target and prove a strong fifth place. Despite the legitimate trouble over the recently missed successes, prank can also be realized the record start with 22 points after ten games without defeat. You always have to see it in relation. In Wolfsburg, we did not have many chances and less than the opponent and have won 2: 0, the coach introduced a counterexample and says, After ten games, we would have, though we played well have only 19 or 20 points. The 26 points are now deserved. If you have 22 points after ten games, but of course you are not satisfied if you do not get a point against Frankfurt, Bochum and Cofferdam. But so is football, for that we are in the Bundesliga.

Prank: Then the world does not go under

They Didn’t Know That A Camera Was Watching Them

26 points, the SC under stroke had already twice at the end of the first round on the account: 2012/13, as after 25 days of return with the 5th place in the end, the best placement under the direction of the 56-year-old. And 2019/20, when the SC became eighth after 22 return points. These brands can also beat prank with a draw against Leverkusen on Sunday, but he needs a victory for a new personal half-series record. What I have especially in my mind are the 27 points in my first half year. That was the most intense half-year in my football life. That would not have been up heaved by the intensity. That would then have managed for about a year For everyone extremely intense, looks back on his written start when he took over the SC with 13 points on the 18th place and with 27 reciprocal meters in impressive manner still led to the end of sovereign league.

It's all okay, says prank to the current yield: Now I hope we have a little gambling against Leverkusen to work out this happiness and get a good result, then it would be great, then I would be very satisfied. And if not? Then the world does not go under. Then we would have to see that it does not always go on how we dream about it.

Collective booster vaccine on Monday

Which is already established regardless of the result: After the collective booster vaccine on Monday, the SC professionals have to be released on Sunday, January 2nd for the holidays, get a home training plan for the holidays. I have deliberately released the guys as long as possible that they can breathe because they have invested a lot, very disciplined and worked hard. It's good to win a bit of spacing to go back to the second half, They deserve that, and it's important for the body and head.