Scorn now aims at an outlet in October 2022

In the form of a first participatory funding campaign (missed) in 2014, Scorn always clings to the hopes of an exit date. According to EBB Software, Xbox Series and PC players will be able to stride the sordid corridors of this adventure game in a subjective view for Halloween 2022.

If this new video overview does not reveal much, EBB Software has published a ticket on Kickstarter by giving the floor to one of the 3D artists of the project. The opportunity to discuss a little technical but also to evoke the sources of inspiration from the game beyond the most obvious (Tiger). Numerous forms of different art, such as painting, sculpture, architecture and music, inspired the unique aspect of our game. Nature and human anatomy have considerable influence, and we tend to integrate them as much as possible. Biology is an inexhaustible source of ideas for the design of our models, can we read.

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At the same time, the boss of the studio, Ljubomir Polar, explains that there are still 25% of the game to develop. The studio appealed to a community facilitator who will be responsible for communicating more regularly on the game in the months preceding his exit, especially with interviews of the creators and assessments of the advancement of development. As a reminder, SCORN will be available in the Xbox Game Pass and PC Game pass on the day of its release.

December was a pretty huge month for us at EBB Software. Not only were we able to share our new release date, but we have also reached an important step in our development: 75% content completed! I want to warmly thank our community for its patience and team here at EBB who worked incredibly hard to put everything in place. In the coming months, we will focus on the completion of the last 25% of the content, then on the correction of the bugs And the preparation of the game for its launch, can we read.


13 Minutes Of Exclusive 4K Xbox Series X Scorn Gameplay

SCORN — Exit in October 2022