Silent Hill Keichiro Aoihano Horo Horror Noto: Slitterhead An interview with Yamaoka Atsushi Yamaoka! Good stabbed and built-in and the burn is expanded

Both Game Studio is responsible for the music of Not: Slitter head announced at The Game Awards 2021 Interview with Yamaha Macao Prime-Composer: Akira Yamaha released.

Both Game Studio has established a studio founded by Keichiro, Creator, who was involved in production such as Silent Hill and Siren. The first action adventure will be Not: Slitter head. In this interview, the impact of Mr. Atsushiro, Mr. Machine, Mr. Atsushiro, Bamako, who is responsible for music in the silent hill series, and the history of Not: Slitter head, etc. is about 11 minutes It is packed in.

Silent Hill Trailer's music creation When I was not convinced to Mr. Obama, I woke up to a new sense of creative from the situation, and thanks to Mr. Obama, I am gratitude to Mr. Okayama: Slitter head 'Music In addition to the Yamaha ease that Mr. Yamaha told by Yamaha, etc.

At the moment, the platform, release date, price, etc. of Not: Slitter head are undecided.