The team after lies of p says that any resemblance to Bloodborne has not been intentional

A few weeks ago we teach you lies of p, a game set in the universe of the story of Pinocchio, but with a much darker theme. The game left us with his mouth open and, seeing his first gameplay, it was inevitable that he will remind us of Blood borne, one of the best-believed games of fromSoftware. Now Round8 Studio, South Korean producer in charge of this promising adventure, say that Any resemblance is pure coincidence. Or something like that.

We see it in Kodak, where they have interviewed the creatives after the recent Gameplay published has not gone unnoticed. But his producers say that the resemblance to the game created by Hideaway Miyazaki has not been intended.

Although we feel very honored that many players felt 'Blood borne Vibes' through our trailer, definitely was not intentional, said Jae-won Choir, Lies of P. Even so, Blood borne and other titles similar to Souls are certainly inspiring, and almost everyone on our team are unconditional fans of Souls.

The creative has said about the game that, although Blood borne has not inspired them consciously, yes they take as a reference the high level of quality with which they usually take care of each aspect of the game, and that they are trying with this promising lies of P.

The game, developed by Neo wiz, promises a revolutionary development system based on lies. Although they have not yet deepened too many details, we know that the more you lie, the more human you become, and that can bring benefits or disadvantages according to the skills we want to use. It will be the axis on which the development and progression of the character be sustained, giving a twist to this Role proposal, which also promises narrative depth thanks to these decisions.

Lies of p launch date is scheduled for 2023 in PS5, Xbox Series and PC.