Trek to Yomi: New trailer to Devolver Digital Samurai

You've played through Ghost of Sushi and Senior five times, but your thirst for Samurai adventures just does not want to decay? Then you should take a look at Trek to Yogi! This comes in black and white and thus immediately reminds of the works of the famous director Akira Kurosawa.

Incidentally, behind Trek to Yogi is the Developer Studio Flying Wild Hog and the Publisher Revolver Digital. Especially the latter is known for many renowned titles and can look back on a comprehensive and varied game portfolio. Become curious? Good that Revolver has a new trailer to the Samurai adventure ready.

What is it in Trek to Yogi?

In classic Samurai manner, you play the young swordsman Pirogi, who gives everything after the death of his master, to protect his city including the residents living there with his life. Soon he has to go to a dangerous journey. Pirogi's destiny in the Do time, about the year 1850.

Although the atmospheric adventure is not enough to approach Ghost of Sushi, thanks to its black and white optics and the Japanese Synchro but still great Samurai flair and is likely to be nostalgic to Kurosawa fans. The different, partly unusual camera perspectives and the impressive offset pieces, as the new trailer proves.

Anyone who has already found at Ghost of Sushi Kurosawa fashion or simply stands for a breastfeeding entertainment and Samurai stories should be kept in mind Trek to Yogi. The title should appear 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Source: Revolver Digital on YouTube

From Jonas Roger

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