Union: The special Bochum

Relegation Battle 2019 - Union Berlin Secure Historic Bundesliga Promotion - Highlights Bravo Screenful was a German multiplatform PC gaming and also entertainment publication, published by the Bauer Media Team in Hamburg, which showed up from April 1997 to April 2009. Bravo Screenful came out monthly, generally at the previous Wednesday of monthly and had about one hundred pages per concern. The booklet resembled the Bravo, Bravo Woman and Bravo Sporting activity component of the Bravo family. As a result, the magazine with its deal took a young target group. To name a few things, this ended up being clear through the regular dances of the readership.

If it goes to Andreas Luther, then Urs Fischer needs to worry. The mental disposition of his goalkeeper number 1 will give the coach of Union Berlin on Saturday no reason to complain. His focus is of course on the game, says Luther on Thursday in the context of a media round, and so before the appearance of the Irises at VFL Bochum also not loudly singing, if for the committee in the Ruhrstadion traditionally Herbert Erlenmeyer's hymn Bochum sounds. But, the keeper complements the Berliner, that you are inwardly practically if you hear the song before the game, 100-percent will be so.

After all, the game is very special for the 34-year-old, as he says. At 6 or 7 years, I saw my first game in the stadium at the VFL, says the Elbert born in almost 30 kilometers southwest of Bochum, born Luther. And at the age of 14, the Keeper 2001 came from Russia Elbert to VFL, found the way to the professional team and played a total of 15 years for the club from the Purport, before it was struggled in 2016 to FC Augsburg. That's why Luther looks full of anticipation on the reunion with my club, as he calls the VFL. Especially since That's my first visit to the Ruhrstadion since my change, adds the goalkeeper.

We will meet a team that has found her playing way in the Bundesliga.


The fact that Union at the Cast roper Strafe at the end of the Bundesliga First Round expects a tricky task again, of which Luther goes out. We will meet a team that has fueled self-confidence in recent weeks, which has found their way of playing in the Bundesliga, which can be successful and that is very strong at home. I believe that they require everything for us. Amazed about the previous seasonal performance of the VFL, Luther is not as he says. Me happy, because I can assess how difficult that is as a newcomer to get cleared in the Bundesliga. I am pleased that you could take a bit with you to take your momentum and take your carelessness, but you are not sluggish away from your game style Through. That she now stands so well, is highly respectable.

Respectable are also the achievements of the 1st FC Union. And since the climb. But just in 2021, however, the Knickers have made aware of themselves again. Luther calls his personal 2021 a beautiful, successful and also exhausting year. If you look at the point cut, that's something that union may not have thought so. And then I can afford my contribution. Since I am very proud of it, That was one of my most successful years.

I was asked how many cards I need, and I said: 'All'.

He wants to bring that to a successful conclusion on Saturday in Bochum. Previously, Luther must make sure that he can fulfill as many card wishes of family and friends as possible. I was asked how many cards I need, and I said, 'All', says Luther with a smile, but that will not be possible, I hope I get a few tickets and might get my family with it Stadium can take. Then I would be glad. Likewise, a victory of the 1st FC Union.