Waven, the Alpha 0.9 opens its doors on December 20

A new version of the wave alpha is available with version 0.9 that starts on December 20th. Take advantage of the game for 2 weeks to discover all the novelties and changes brought during these months of absence. And the program this time, a return in force of the CRA, multi-element companions and the return of PVP.

Dates of Alpha 0.9 of wave

Once again, the alpha is open to all players with an Ankara account for 2 weeks. It is simply enough to connect via the Launcher, and download the game. By doing this, you will enjoy unlimited access from December 20 to January 4, 2022. But it is still only an alpha. All the increase accumulated during this period will be lost once the servers closed.

Beginning of the alpha 0.9: Lundy 20 December 2021 Fin of the alpha: Mari 4 January 2022

changes and novelties of 0.9

This new version is accompanied by some changes and additions, but especially the return of the Crash with their redesign. The multi-element companions also come back, wearing the number of companions available at 94. Travel the world of the twelve with the different classes, and get your spells and equipment by battling.

Useful precision for players : All equipment can be obtained on all monsters!

Waven Alpha Tutorial - Beginner Tips (English) (Screen Translator)

The different classes benefit from some modifications for and adjustments to better benefit from their peculiarities. With the redesign, the CRA now has 40 class spells and 10 spells per weapon. The basic damage to the SRAM is revised downward, while their traps are gaining power. The entries are more powerful, but heal months accordingly. In addition, new weapons are tested for IOP, Below, SRAM and Entries.

The coliseum opens its doors with this new Alpha of wave. This island allows you to embark on 1V1 against other players, and get rewards via a dedicated wheel. Each season lasts only 7 days. In parallel, the PVM expands with two new unique quests and bosses on the islands with the pig monsters and Chaser. Cooperative modes with 2 and 3 players are faster and offer more rewards.