12 games that want to play for the first time

Do you know that too? You finish a video game and immediately regrets that you will always know what to come to you? We asked you on Facebook, which games you would like to delete from your memory again. Your answers can be found in this picture range.

Which game impresses you today?

Every good video game has countless moments that remain the players years later. So nice these memories are too, it's just as somehow a pity. After all, you can never experience them as well as you've done the first time.

12 HARD RIDDLES WITH ANSWERS FOR CRIME EXPERTS ???? An incredible vibrant world or a moving story mostly work best if you do not know them yet. So we asked you on Facebook, which game you want to delete from your memory. Not to forget it forever, but to go straight back and get started. 12 Selected answers can be found here:

We asked you what games you want to play again without prior knowledge. The answers range from childhood memories that you want to experience again up to gaming milestones, who have burned the players until today.