BVB: Haaland complains "Print" from Borussia - Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund wins with 5: 1 against the SC Freiburg, on at least overnight to the FC Bayern Munich approached. But the second victory in the second round game hardly interested after the game. According to his double pack, Erlang Haaland turns into conversation with the Norwegian station Via play hard annoyed from his current employer. He indicates his farewell from Dortmund with bid words.

The past six months I have not lost a word about my future from respect for Dortmund, I have been talking to all others, said the 21-year-old, The club tried to put pressure on me to push me into a decision. I Actually only wants to play football, but they urge me to a decision on my future. And that means I have to make a decision soon.


Although Haaland at BVB is still under contract until the summer of 2024, but an exit clause allows him to change far below its actual market value this summer. According to media reports, the clause should be between 75 million and 85 million euros. Borussia Dortmund had recently crowded with increased beat number for clarity to plan the squad for the new season. Thus, the Dortmund official outwards had recently been optimistic and even shareholders and equipment Puma had mixed up in the fight for one of the upcoming superstars of world football.

Haaland: I want nothing else to think about football

The Porsche Dortmund Type obviously did not encounter in love with Haaland. Just doing a lot of pressure on me, the Norwegian continued, I have to accept that. I did not say anything for a long time, from respect for the club and from respect to the fans. Again and again Haaland came to talk to the pressure. You now want a decision and things will happen now, he said.

I do not want to think of anything else than football, because it will be difficult if I have other things in my head, but now they are pushing for so long that I'm going to start the things, Supplemented Haaland, which shows up annoyed that the association him and the team at a decisive phase of the season disturbing. He said, We are in a hard phase with many games, I just want to play football, but I can not do that.

BVB-Boss Wake: We can not wait until the end of May

Apparently, BVB Managing Directors Hans-Joachim Wake responded to the statements of the star door. He is a spontaneous man, a young lad. He may that, he said the Ruhr news : There is no problem with Erlang at all. But he must have some understanding for our situation. We can not be until the end of May wait.

Erlang Haaland was finally associated with a change to Real Madrid. The Blame FC Barcelona also has interest in Norwegian, which has achieved 21 results in this season so far in only 18 competitive games for BVB. Bayern Munich also deals with the 21-year-old. Thus, on the edge of the awarding of the balloon d'Or in 2021, a meeting between representatives of the record champion and Haaland's agent Minor Rail had come.

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