BVB-Keeper Kobel gives place relationships with the Cup

BVB goalkeeper Gregor Nobel has given the space, which prevailed on Tuesday evening at the millennia, given a partial debt on the departure of the Dortmund at the Second League Table Folder FC St. Pauli. However, the Swiss was well aware of the character of the thread-slip excuse that his statement attached his statement.

We had the first 20 to 30 minutes too many ball losses, they have come relatively simply in front of our goal, said the 24-year-old event initially self-critically at SKY after the 1: 2 defeat in Hamburg. But then he began to criticize the space.

Especially if you are 0: 2 at the back, away on a heavy place, it is a heavy game, Nobel said, We certainly had difficulties to run the ball properly. It's always shit when you get it on pushes the place, but it is just that it was a heavy place.

However, the largest share of the eighth-finished factory — the Dortmund had to be attributed to themselves (here's the comment). That also said the BVB keeper: In the end it was not enough in the second half. They have defended it well, were well stood. It was hard for us to come behind the chain.

After leaving the black-yellow defendant, a trophy quarterfinal has been held for the first time since the 2006/07 season without BVB and FC Bayern Munich. The record champion had already adopted in the 2nd round after a blamable appearance at Borussia Mönchengladbach from the competition.

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Especially this circumstance annoyed BVB captain Marco Reus after the game. We had such a good chance to get into the final, just as the absolute petavolt is already flown out. That's bitter.