The 2021 game industry `Labor environment improves, anticipation,

Korea Content Promotion Agency released the research report on the 30th '2021 game industry worker' The study has been aimed at seeing the implementation of the working environment by managing and analyzing the labor environment of the game industry workers by major items by major items by major items.

Last year, we analyzed the change of the working environment of the game industry workers who have been introduced by telecommuting due to the expansion of the 52-hour orientation and Corona 19, due to the longevity of Corona.

According to the report, the overall satisfaction of the business of domestic game industry workers last year was 64.5 points compared to 59.2 points in 2020, and over 5 points. Specifically, the working time satisfaction was 64 points at 59.2 points, and Warley Balance increased significantly from 61.3 to 64.2, and 58.3 points and welfare level satisfaction at 56.5 points, 58.9 points, Slightly.

These results have been analyzed that the report was positive to expand the expansion of 52 hours and the introduction of telecommuting. In fact, in the 2020, the company was 68.2%, which was 68.2%, in fact, in the contrary, found that it has increased by 85.9% last year.

The crunch mode, which was considered a long-standing practice in the industry, was investigating every year. The crunch mode experience rate was significantly reduced by 23.7% in 2019 and 23.7% in 2020, and it has decreased 15.4% last year. The report explained that the report was reduced because the possibility of crunch mode was reduced due to the introduction of 52 hours.

Meanwhile, in relation to a number of businesses to enhance a 52-hour seating, the workers are said to have an urgent expansion of the flexibility of working hours, such as adding new workforce and flexible employment. To this end, I said I wanted to give it to you.

However, it was not just a positive change. As Corona 19 is prolonged, the evil impacts are becoming increasingly noticeable. In this regard, two problems were greatly prominent. The first is a polarized between large developers and small businesses. In the 2020, he was very serious about the polarization of 23.9%, and a slightly over half of the severity of 33.7%, he was very seriously as much as 40.6%, and 44.1% was significantly increased.

The difficulties of entering overseas, including the dancing, are also becoming much bigger. In 2020, it was very seriously 7.7%, a little seriously increased from 16.7% to 19.5%, 40.4%, respectively, and it was investigated to see the difficulties of entrance and the difficulties of entry into overseas. The results of this survey showed that the polarization of the Corona 19 is higher after the corona 19 phases, leading to anticipation of employment, workforce, and labor environments, so that it is necessary to be positive interest.

NFTs In Gaming... Are We Doomed? On the other hand, the report on the results of this study is that the problem of the game industry labor environment is eventually related to industry anodization issues, and the government supports the expansion and support for production infrastructure for expansion and improvement of production infrastructure for 52-hour compliance Through the system itself, various policy support plants to reduce the burden of small and medium-sized games should be sought and adopted.