BVB | Roman Weidenfeller Safe Safe: Achievements inhibit Erling Haaland

Borussia Dortmund hopes for the return of Torjäger Erling Haaland. Most recently, the attacker lacked BVB due to muscular problems. Ex goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller believes that the ongoing reverses are currently inhibiting the Norwegian.

For months, Erling Haaland has been associated with almost every European top club. On the achievements of the 21-year-old, the numerous speculation had no major influence so far. Nevertheless, BVB Legend Roman Weidenfeller suspects that the unexplained Roman Weidenfellering future Haaland is busy.

"Erling can choose the clubs in principle, all the top clubs would prove him mostly. Of course, he sees a chance everywhere, but there are also topics that are important to him," the 41-year-old tried the situation of the Scandinavian at "Sky "To explain:" Of course, he also seeks the next development step and each club has a different starting position. "

BVB Legend Weidenfeller praises Haalands

Haaland still have "the entire career in front of him," Weidenfeller led his point of view. "That's clear that he has already had a sleepless night," said the World Champion of 2014. The thoughts and injuries could currently inhibit something of Haaland, suspected willowfeller.

BVB Allstars vs. Weidenfeller and Friends | 4-1 | Highlights | A World Champion Says Goodbye At the same time, the former keepers certified the BVB star an exemplary way of working. "I know himself that he also lives very professionally at home and that he keeps fit there too," betrayed Weidenfeller. In addition, Haaland would work on his body even on vacation with a fitness trainer. "There are few talents that are still so young and dealing with their career as professionally," the Double winner assured from 2012.

Jan-Aage Fjörtoft approved Weidenfeller. "There is no player who works so much to develop like Erling Haaland," said the former professional of Eintracht Frankfurt.