Why physiotherapist shuster is worshiped in Japan

Theresia Schuster is not entirely the whole hype. Feeling half Japan now knows the name of the German physiotherapist, the 27-year-old only the crying Sara Takanashi was a handkerchief. But because the ski jumper is a superstar in her home country, including screeching fans, Schuster is suddenly celebrated there as heroine.

Takanashi had caught sobbing in the corner after her disqualification in the mixed competition, as a scientate came to her, her arm around her shoulder and finally pulled a pack of handkerchiefs out of the jacket. The video with the scene quickly made the round in Japan - connected with the question of who is the unknown woman from Germany.

In Zhangjiakou promptly went a Japanese cameratam to the search, wondered across the press center and finally found it. Since then, Theresia Schuster Heldin is a will.

Most successful jumper of history

This is also due to the drama of history: Takanashi is with 61 World Cup victories by far the most successful Springer of the story, only with major events it just does not work. Also in China she was first fourth in singles and then disqualified in the mixed. Even to a career end, the only 25-year-old thought about the setbacks.

Female Olympic ski jumpers disqualified as clothing controversy 'destroys' sport

Also Karl Geiger admitted that the sight of the crying Takanashi has his "heart broken". The Japanese woman was "near the nervous breakdown", he said at Sky Sport News. So desire to donate was self-evident, not heroic. Find at least Thesesia Schuster.