Del - Chaos in Krefeld: Multifunctional SavelJev fights against all agents against descent

The descent from the DEL moves closer for the Krefeld Penguine. The controversial clubboss Sergey Saveljev wants to complain and simultaneously rolls the ex-master.

The fans flee, desperate the players, and the controversial boss wants to complain: the threatening descent from the DEL enlarges the chaos with the Krefeld penguins more and more. After four goals with 25 goals, the hope of the sporting rescue of the ex-master has fallen virtually to zero.

"Happiness maybe hopefully as soon as possible somehow to us", defender Dominik Tiefels after the 1: 5 against the Grizzlys Wolfsburg before only 1000 spectators at magentaSport \ - the attempt of a stealth failed as well as the effort on the ice to somehow be competitive with a hull force.

Six points is the residue of the table last six games before the end on the direct competitor Schweninger Wild Wings, who has the lighter residual program. And the points quotient as a rescue anchor gets more and more out of range. Because not all clubs for Corona cancellations can complete all games until the end of the main round, decides at the end of the point cut per game.

The distance is now so great that the main argument for a lawsuit against the descent is probably obsolete: even if the clubs whose games are not collected, they are still constantly facing Krefeld. Nevertheless, Klubboss Sergey Saveljev wants to proceed legally against the threatening gear in the DEL2. A "action for competition distortion" he announced once again on Thursday, the cracker would be "the biggest mistake in the del history", the season was "not fair".

Now the reasoning is that in the quarantine orders, not everything was done with right things. "This is not a sporty competition," said the multifunctional the eishockey news: "It's about: who has better connections to the state, to the health problems?"

SavelJev allegedly wanted even player pass

The 25-year-old Lette, who was talking about the championship title before the season, defends itself with all the means of accepting the probable descent of the German master of 1952 and 2003 - who in the opinion of most observers he himself has to answer for himself. Because with the penguins there is hardly a function that SavelJev does not hold. Managing Director is since October 2020, of course, sporting director, who puts together the team. He replaced the complete office.

On the bank, how a chef coach, the instructions, coach Igor Sachkarkin, as a long-standing assistant at the Russian national team, is a proven expert, looking at and says he is "grateful for any help". In training, Saveljev, the thousand sassa, is also running as a defender or goalkeeper, allegedly he wanted to even want a player's passport of the DEL last season.

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Krefeld Pinguine-Lied der Pinguine (1936-2011)

Above all, he is the investor who held the penguins after the endless dispute with the Russian funder Mikhail Ponomarew with a financial syringe of 1.2 million euros over a Swiss company. Meanwhile, Savaljev, whose wife is a shareholder of a pharmaceutical company in Latvia, has set 3.5 million in the club, with practically zero success.