"Does not fun": lol

It is a problem with which not only esportists are confronted. In many video games, there are participants in online games that seem to have only one goal: other players take the fun. So also in League of Legends (LOL).

Over the past few weeks, the most successful LOL eSportler in the world was particularly affected - T1 superstar 'Faker'. He could hardly end a match properly, which annoyed him. "If I were not a professional player, I would not play solo queue at all because it does not fun," he wrote on Twitter.

Especially for Esportler, the random interaction with people who are partly from other regions come extremely annoying. Actually, the solo queue professionals serves to use new tactics, different champions and different positions. But if players do not play on the same level, or purposely bad, that's a thing of impossibility.

RushFrog explains why League of Legends is not fun anymore

Champions queue as a solution?

Since everyone can participate without invitation, the solo queue for professional training is not designed anyway. Nevertheless, it takes for playing at the highest level a training place. Riot's solution for the Esportler (not just from Korea) could be the North American model "Champions Queue".

There only selected players get the opportunity to participate in the duels - which in turn allows a fair and high-class competition. Developer Riot well would be well on to introduce this type of matchmaking worldwide to provide all eaportlers a suitable environment for exercising.

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Lukas Scherbaum