Lakers under pressure: Lebron is enough in the play

The hope was still very big at the beginning of the season: After the Westbrook Trade, the Lakers expected the "Big-Three" for Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis and LeBron James. But the meanwhile long-term partner at the side of the "Kings", Anthony Davis, completed only 73 games in the Regular Season since the Championship 2020. In the current season he lacked a long time with a knee injury and then kinked evil in February: the result was a damp right midfoot, which interpires the forward. At the beginning of the last week, there were the first reports that Davis would take first litters from the stand again, but more is not known about the state of his right foot.

With injuries, the other part of the "Big-Three" has nothing on the hat, but Westbrook does not really come in a way and is not the desired relief. Although occasionally, he meets important litters or book "Triple Doubles", but under the line, the guard can not convince in the Lakers Jersey. At the end of the Trade Deadline, the messages about the experiments of the Lakers piled themselves the newcomer to Trad - without success. Thus, the Lakers - If Davis is going to get fit until the start - with a trio in the play-offs that only a few games completed together. Can you consist in the PostSeason?

What does the way of the Lakers look like in the play-offs?

Anyway, it is certain: In just under two weeks, the play-in-tournament of the NBA begins. The format is in the second round this year after it was launched for the first time in the past season. In doing so, the NBA champion of 2020 will be very likely to be represented: The Los Angeles Lakers have been dumbling for a long time between the ninth and tenth place and are looking for Konstanz. In the current rank, the Lakers would have to win two lots to participate in the play-offs at all. And: if that is the case, the rested Phoenix Suns were ready in the first round.

Lebron is enough for LAKERS?

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Fact is, James is back in a constitution in which he dominates games at will. All doubters let him stand in the rain and ripped over the season distributes a famous game after another. In March, in March, he had recently shot the lights in March and recently secured the second place of the "All-Time Scoring List". But as mentioned earlier, the path of the Lakers in a possible final or the title is not easy: if the Lakers do not move higher than in the place nine into the play-in-tournament and progress in the mini-tournament, wait directly in the first round The Suns. Only with a Fitten AD and "LBJ", which shows a gloss performance after the next, the Lakers could probably start a deeper "Run".