Mesut Özil reacts to suspension at Fenerbahce

Mesut Ozil SUSPENDED by Fenerbahce! ???? The former football international Mesut Özil has shown himself surprised by its suspension at Fenerbahce. "I did not know about this decision. I was on my free days in Germany, on the way back I called because of the training time. Then it said I did not have to come," said the Rio World Champion at the Turkish YouTube channel "Playspor". The Turkish traditional club had suspended Özil on Thursday, without calling for the decision. The Turkish international Ozan Tufan is no longer belonging to the crew of the high line of trunks. Menerbahce had recently rejected speculation that Özil did not want to play for unpaid salaries. Corresponding messages would have "nothing to do with the truth", so the club. Özil's contract at the club is still running until 2024.