FC Bayern: Alphonso Davies Ledert against United

At Manchester United, even under Ralf Rangnick is currently still much in the argen. Now Alphonso Davies has expressed itself from FC Bayern on unconventional way to the situation at the Red Devils and critically eyed the captain issue.

For Alphonso Davies, it is incomprehensible why central defender Harry Maguire United leads as a captain and not superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The outer defender in a stream was open at the Gaming platform Twitch, which went on social media viral.

"Can you imagine that: you are Ronaldo - one of the biggest players of all time and how-he-nor is your captain? Harry Maguire is your captain and you're talking to him with 'yes, captain'?" Bayern star on the skurred location in Manchester.

"I do not want to diss Harry Maguire now, but Ronaldo... Ronaldo should get the bonds," he made his opinion clearly.

The occasion for his statement was that Davies had drawn in the football simulation FIFA a player map Maguires in Ultimate Team Mode - a collecting card mode, where players from their favorite stars can put together their own team. Also in the game Davies was the United defender apparently for not good enough and moved him promptly to the transfer list.

Maguire also with England in criticism

Davies can't believe Maguire is captain of Man Utd ????

Maguire was always in criticism at Manchester United in recent months for his achievements. He received the captain nobility in the summer before Ronaldo returned to the English record champion just before the end of the change window.

Davies is not the only observer who implies the captain's question at United as problematic. English media had also questioned the decision.

Most recently, Maguire also caused negative lines because his own fans exhort him to the game of the English national team against the Ivory Coast in the Wembley Stadium.