Mercedes EQE: acquaintance with the electric E

Only Mercedes boss Ola Källenius has given new and ambitious sustainability goals. By 2030, the CO2 emissions per car should be halved. This is supposed to succeed with improved battery technology, "green" eco-electricity and more recycling, but above all by a continuous expansion of the electrical portfolio. An important power carrier is because the EQE - according to the EQS he is the second model based on the EVA II platform designed specifically for E vehicles, and moreover, if one wants, not only the small brother of the EQS, but also The counterpart to the business limousine E-Class, a heart of the Mercedes fleet.

For market launch also an AMG version

For the order start at the end of April, two versions of changeable customers should convince, which are also possible to tore on a Tesla Model S: first the EQE 350+ with 215 kW / 292 hp and 565 Newton meters of torque sent to the rear axle. The power consumption is given at 15.9 to 18.7 kWh / 100 km, the topspeed with 210 km / h, the spatial strength from 0 to 100 km / h with 6.4 seconds. A 90 kWh battery ensures up to 654 kilometers range, after a first exit we keep 500 kilometers for a not too measured perspective.

The rather power affinity clientele also serves the AMG 43 4Matic with 350 kW / 476 hp. Later, the Affalterbacher sports division will send the even more powerful AMG 53 4matic + to the street. In addition, the EQE 500 4Matic is followed by a second electric motor on the front axle of four-wheel drive, the system performance is 300 kW / 407 hp plus 858 Newton meter torque. Compared to the long-distance master 350+, however, the action radius drops to a maximum of 590 kilometers.

Mercedes EQE: on request with rear axle steering, air suspension and partial autonomous driving functions. Manufacturer

So much to the sober data. We take the EQE in a lookout: 4.94 meters is long, the elegant body with the flush-mounted door handles reminded unmistakably on the EQs, but with 0.22 but easily ignores its fabulous CW value of 0.20. As it belongs to a sedan, there is a classic trunk flap, including doing - not record suspects - 430 liters. A frunk under the front hood, in which, for example, the charging cables could find a home, Mercedes did not take into the specification.

left and supple

The enterprise of a first exit we go with the - More understatement is barely "basic model" EQE 350+. And confirm immediately that we are already completely satisfied. If you do not value all-wheel drive: More power does not have to be. The EQE 350+ offers, different is not to formulate, electric driving in perfection. In order to put the noble stromer in a journeyiness, it was necessary to put pressure on a start button, a seat occupancy detection such as in the VW ID.3 or Volvo C40 does not exist. Outgas free of exhaust from Frankfurt and the Taunus, left and supple it goes up on the Feldberg, the silence in the interior we do not just want to fill with the "Sound Experiences" like "Vivid Flux" and certainly not with "Roaring Pulse". The optional air suspension processes impurities in the asphalt on the most reliable, which also carefree rear axle steering is made between the towers of "Mainhattan" for amazing maneuverability. Three-stage and convenient is recuperated via steering wheel rockers, an intelligent mode also selects the intensity automatically.

The electrical drive, as the interior design, is expected to convey the market-typical noble ambience as the interior design. It is easy to sitting easily, the registered furniture offers maximum convenience and on request various massage programs to the "DepthWorkout", a nearly ten liter voluminous HEPA filter sorts troublemakers such as pollen or fine dust carefully.

Hyperscreen: Three screens add to an optical unit. Manufacturer

Mercedes is particularly proud of the spectacular hyperscreen; A three-screen digital landscape that moves virtually over the entire width of the fitting carrier and introduces the passenger with its own entertainment program. A watchful camera watches the driver or the driver when his / her eyes are curious to the right, the moving picture is automatically dimmed. In addition, a second-round warning permanently analyzes the eyelash of the man or the woman behind the wheel.

Route planning with charging stops

So impressively the hyperscreen scenery is: We do not consider the smoke extra investment of 8568 euros for mandatory. The standard disposition with digital driver display and high-canted central monitor can not be less intuitive and offers functionally comparable. Thus, the Navi helps with the route planning by recommending charging stops and in the journey time with settled, preferably controlled stations can be saved as a favorite. In addition, the battery is pre-tempered on time before arrival at the charging column.

Uncomplicated: The EQE dominates "Plug & Charge". Manufacturer

With the charging card does not have to be handled there, even smartphone app or QR code does not need it, because the EQE can "Plug & Charge", which means that he knows that from Tesla - to appropriate ionity Or Aral charging columns automatically logs on as soon as it has accessed via charging cable.

Power-Nap leading leader

On 800 volt loading technique, such as, for example, Hyundai installed at the Ioniq 5 or Kia at EV6, Mercedes omitted. AC (AC) from the wallbox or public charging station pulls the EQE with up to 11 kW, optional also with 22 kW, with regard to the charging period, the data sheet calls a good eight hours. DC (DC) on the fast charging station flows with up to 170 kW, full refueling takes half an hour. Already in a quarter of an hour, this is to be stream for 250 kilometers. With the coffee break you have to hurry. And also with the restful sleep: The EQE provides the power NAP program ready, the driver's seat then drives in rest position, side windows and blinds close, the airtionization is activated, the ambient lighting donates gentle light, soothing sounds temporarily sedate and on the Centraldisplay sparkles a starry sky.

It has to be mentioned that such amenities do not exist for the zero tariff. Already basically is under 70,627 euros for the EQE 350+ nothing. The question of the combination surcharge is unnecessary: unlike in the case of the E-Class, there will be no T-model from the EQE.

Ulla ellmer

Mercedes EQE 350+ shortly:

When he comes: Market start at the end of April, deliveries from summer

Who he takes a visor: Tesla Model S

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What he costs: from 70,627 euros

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