10: 0! Hansa II humiliates Lok Stendal in the bottom

NOFV-Oberliga final Lok Stendal continues to stumble towards the descent. In front of a home backdrop, the Schulz team not only collected the sixth defeat of the season in a row against the professional reserve of Hansa Rostock, but immediately the highest of the entire season. The ball in the domestic housing fell in a whopping ten times, a humiliation that results in the next low value. With 75 goals conceded, Stendal is now also the worst defensive in the league.

1. FC Lok Stendal - Hertha 03 Zehlendorf

However, there was no question of defensive behavior against the young Rostock team last Sunday afternoon. From the first to the last minute there was a class difference on the field. After four minutes it was 2: 0 through the goals of Schünemann (2nd Fe) and Stepantsev (4th). This was followed by attack on attack, gate at goal. The game had long been decided by the other goals from Huber (18th), Zajac (31st) and Willms (41.).

The table twelfth showed pity, for which there will be nothing more about nothing in the secured midfield this season, but n1. On the contrary: after the break, Hansa II made it exactly where she had stopped at the break. Another five followed the first five goals. Bachmann (52./75.), Zajac (84th) and Schünemann (62.) each laced the double pack and also Kozelnik benefited from the symptoms of dissolution in the opposing defensive network when he achieved the interim 7-0.

The bottom line is a more than used afternoon for 1. FC Lok Stendal, which is gradually under pressure to save the saving bank if the relegation from the top division is still to be prevented.

top teams show no nakedness

On Saturday afternoon, the close promotion race was mostly in the spotlight. Only the Greifswald FC only played on Sunday. A special look went to Mariendorf, where Blau-Weiß 90 Berlin had Rostock FC for the top game.

But the chase duel did not hold what the table promised. Once before half -time, the doorbell rang in the goal. Banze pressed a ball over the line. Otherwise, dangerous action in a rather average game was in short supply. Nevertheless, there are three points, three points. And Blau-Weiß 90 remains at the top in attack mode, while the RFC has springs and now has five points behind FC Hertha Zehlendorf.

Leaders FC Hertha Zehlendorf did not burn anything at Torgelower FC Greif and defended his lead. The guests steered early. In the 4th minute, the Hertha peaked through the Torgelow defense, Grabow ultimately put his colors in the lead. In the 33rd minute, the attacker followed. The home team was too passive again, had Zehlendorf combined in peace, Grabow let an opponent get out on the edge of the penalty area and finished perfectly from 18 meters - 2: 0. After an hour the Hertha was allowed to do again, this time the Rupp on the second post with his head after a cross - the decision. Midzio still scored the honor in the 84th minute.

The CFC Hertha 06 secured important points in the promotion race with a narrow 1-0 win in Stahnsdorf. Sylla scored the only goal of the day seven minutes before the end. And the Greifswald FC also remains the leader Zehlendorf close to the heels. As a guest at Kellerkind SFC Stern 1900 Berlin-Steglitz, the GFC entered a safe 3-1 victory on Sunday afternoon.

On the border to the danger zone, the Brandenburger SC missed the chance to shorten the distance to the first non -relegation site - currently occupied by MSV Neuruppin, who lost its game against TSG Neustrelitz 0-2. The Körner-Elf also had to go home empty-handed. In Mahlsdorf, the BSC received a 0-2 defeat. Meanwhile, the SC Staaken drove a clear 4: 1 victory at SV Victoria Seelow in the middle of the table.