Michael Köllner remains under a condition in 1860

The season had just been successfully completed, with 6: 3 in 1860 Munich in the home game on Grünwalder Strasse Dortmund II. With Magentasport, Coach Michael Köllner already looked ahead. "We need a strong 1860 Munich and there are conversations," the Upper Palatinate replied to the squad when asked. In contrast to managing director Günter Gorenzel, who "had no doubt about the personnel" Köllner, the 52-year-old did not really take a look at the cards.

Borussia Dortmund vs TSV 1860 München | 2003/04 | 3.Spieltag

Gorenzel has "no doubt" to Köllner's whereabouts

Instead, Köllner told about his half-time speech, in which he reminded his players not to act as "disciplineless" as in half one, after all, despite a 2-0 lead, the Giesinger had to go into the cabin with a 2-0 lead. But the trainer suspected "that we can still do it. That shows the character of the team and that we absolutely wanted it." So it fits between the team and the coach.

I am glad that I don't see any of them at first.

Marcel Bär with a smile on his face over his colleagues

Meanwhile, the reason for the clear success in the nine goal spectacle was Marcel Bär, who was involved in five of the six goals and also secured the Köllner's goalkeeper cannon. "This is something big for me personally," said the attacker, who viewed the qualification for the DFB Cup as a more valuable overall and thanked his family and the team, but added to my colleagues with a smile: "I am glad that I am of which no one see at first. "

Köllner has clairvoyant skills - also with regard to the staff?

Bear will remain, but Gorenzel, Köllner and he were sure. "I got trust from the start and it was extremely important to me to give it back and go full throttle. In the back series, the boys made mega in the mood," said Bär. His trainer also revealed that he had fought for a long time to fight the goal scorer. "I knew he had a certain quality, and with training you can advance it. And: I said in December that he scores over 20 goals - in the end he scores over 20 goals."

At the end there were 21 hits. Bär, it seems, will also belong to the club next season. With other personal details, "the cubes have not yet fallen," said Gorenzel, who was delighted with and for the "always delivering" fans in addition to the income in the DFB Cup.

So that these in 2022/23 they can continue to cheer the same trainer, however, a lot has to happen according to this. "Should it end in the end that we have a strong 1860 Munich next year, then certainly also with Michael Köllner," said the coach, but also stated in this context: "I have not yet been officially reported. It will be reported. Only enchanted, who comes. So we wait for what is on Grünwalder Strasse next year and then we'll take a look. " After all, he said this with a smile on his face.

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