The Cycle: Frontier developers are very close to the release of the shooter

For more than a month, the last beta of the multiplayer shooter The Cycle: Frontier, and the Yager Development developer, is now diligently working on studying all the data and feedbacks of players received during this testing stage. The executive producer Jonathan Lindsay in a recent video decided to talk about this in more detail.

Basically, all the complaints of the players, and there were more than 600,000 on Beta, are reduced to three things: problems with performance and stability, the complexity of the game and matchmaking, when newcomers are thrown to experienced fighters.

In the case of stability, Lindsius admitted that 16,000 simultaneous players brought the servers to the limit, thereby causing various problems, including disconnection and reset of progression. They must already be eliminated by improving the backend to increase the performance of the network. On the part of the graphic component-the team is still working on its performance problems.

To reduce the overall level of complexity, the developers changed the linear progression system for logarithmic. Now players will receive a greater increase in forces at the beginning of the match and less at the later levels. The mobs will be cut out by the detection range and the time when they pursue the player. Spavna indicators will be removed, and the situation when Solo is faced with a detachment is considered.

The selection of players will be improved, and new players can count on the fact that they will not stand in line with more experienced players.

The Reason Why I QUIT The Cycle Frontier.. And finally, the executive producer made an important statement that they are “very close” to the release of The Cycle: Frontier. But Lindsay did not share either the start date or even the window. So far, we only know that the release of the shooter will take place this year.