BFC Dynamo | Christian Beck slams DFB after missing climb: simply a complete catastrophe

The Oldenburg train Dario Fossi can likewise recognize Beck's criticism. I'm truthful: 2 hearts beat in my upper body, stated the 41-year-old.

The current ascent law supplies for three out of 5 local league masters. This year the Rot-Weiss Essen, SpVgg Bayreuth and also SV Elversberg are. Two even more relay champions establish the 4th promoted team in two playoff games. This year these were the masters from the north and the northeast, in 2021 the masters from the north and also from Bavaria.

Striker Christian Beck from the BFC Dynamo has actually massively criticized the promotion regulation for the five regional league champs after the missed promo to the third football league.

BFC The BFC Dynamo from Berlin had previously missed out on the 3rd department promotion regardless of a 2-1 win with North Master VfB Oldenburg. Because the initial leg in their very own arena lost the GDR record champ with 0: 2.

Big cock to the DFB, which introduces such rules. Such a policy is just a full calamity, said Beck: It simply occurs so individuals rest there who have no idea concerning football. They ruin a whole period with two such booms-To play.