Destiny 2: How to get an exotic helmet of the titanium of precious scars

It's no secret that titans are best able to do what they do in Destiny 2. They beat objects, eat crayons and regularly turn literal gods into their personal weapons. But when they do not cause chaos among the stars, they help their combat group with the help of exotic armor, such as precious scars. Here's how to get a gilded helmet.

where to find precious scars in Destiny 2

The only way to get new exotic armor, such as precious scars, is to go through the legendary lost sectors. These specially created versions of the lost sectors change daily and offer different prey. For example, helmets will fall on one day, the next-bibs, the next-weapons, and then-legs.

Please note that the completion of the legendary lost sector does not guarantee the loss of exotic objects, but this is the only place where certain objects will reliably fall out on a certain day. Sites such as Light.GG are updated daily by the current legendary lost sector and its awards.


Precious scars are supplied with the Kintsugi armor perk. Final attacks from weapons with the type of damage corresponding to the energy of your subclass create a surge of healing around you. After revival or revival, you get an aura that provides an additional shield to you and the closest allies.

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