Here the first reviews of Prey, the new predator movie

The Predator franchise is back. Although the new tape in the series does not bear the name to which we are accustomed, prey is all that fans have been waiting for for years. The first reviews of this film are already available, and paint us a quite positive panorama.

Currently, Prey_ has a 94% rating in Rotten Tomatoes . Many of the criticisms point to this delivery as the best predator film from the original. Along with this, Amber Midtunder's performance as Naru is praised. This was what The Wrap commented:

Trachtenberg has directed one of the best monster films in years, demonstrating that there is life in any horror franchise if you stick to what makes the central creature fascinating.

For his part, The Hollywood Reporter mentioned:

The important thing is that the action sequences are staged with the maximum mastery.

Similarly, Variety has indicated:

Like an alien attack thriller,‘ Prey ’is competent and good pace, although with few surprises. But Naru's journey gives him an appearance of emotional coherence that most of the ‘Predator’ films have lacked.

This was what The Daily Telegraph mentioned:


Prey receives a blow, in my book, to go directly to the transmission, but just because it is so thunderously bloody and intense, noted by Sarah Schachner so that it sounds exactly like the primary cry that should be.

Without a doubt, it seems that we are facing a pretty good movie. Prey_ will premiere on August 5 through Hulu in the United States, Star+ in Latin America, and Disney+ in various regions. Speaking of cinema, Avengers: Secret Wars It will not be the story that fans expect. Similarly, this is the first look at Russel Crowe at the Pope’s Exorcist.