7 Pokémon mysteries that are not yet exposed today

5 The Pokémon series and also video games are peppered with several keys, mysteries and mystifying points. Many are still suddenly covered as well as do not provide any kind of solution to vital questions. We have actually searched you the 7 most amazing mysteries and present you to you in a photo collection.

The Pokémon world has lots of keys

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In the program of the 25 years of Pokémon, the video games always created interested occasions, strange Pokédex entries and merely numerous open inquiries that never answered This is why we offer you seven of the strangest mysteries that fans still damage our heads today.

From supposedly regular Pokémon, which might also be famous, to essential inquiries about the logic and also background of the Pokémon universe, there are still lots of unexplained questions about the popular game collection. Did you especially mind a secret or have you noticed unusual points in the games? Please compose it in the comments on Facebook!