Bierhoff about World Mug premiums: will not be like 1974

Talks will certainly happen, stated Oliver Bailiff, taking care of director of national groups as well as academy at the DFB, on Tuesday, without calling a local time. You must be left to the liable persons more, before our President Bernd Bettendorf and also Aka Wake.

At the 2018 Globe Mug as well as the European Championship 2021, the German nationwide gamers waved significant perks, which the DFB did not have to pay at the end of the weak efficiency. It is not yet clear whether there will be a boost in the 2022 World Cup.


For the European Championship title 2021, each player would certainly have received 400,000 euros

In sight of the recent debates about the various remuneration for women and male nationwide group, the outcome of the discussions this year might be a lot more in focus than typical. Bailiff had actually currently indicated that the internationals will certainly remain to obtain substantially lower incentives in the future.

The men would have received 400,000 euros each for the European Champion title in 2021, for the 2018 Globe Cup win. For women, the DFB racked up 60,000 euros each for the European Champion victory this summer season, and 75,000 euros each for the 2019 World Cup title.

The DFB had actually already published the costs regulation for the 2018 Globe Cup half a year before the event began. It will not be like 1974 that one talks regarding costs during the competition, Bailiff smiled.