Racist case in Brazil's clear victory

Prior to the game, the Neymar (29th), again Refined (40th) and Pedro (74. ), the Brazilian gamers had in front of an indication with the engraving Without our black gamers we would have no stars on our jacket Gathered. The stars stand for the 5 world championship titles that Brazil has actually won.

Brazil's trainer Aden or Leonardo Bacchic, in which Neymar played from the beginning, saw in the 11th min how his team took the lead: Refined headed a cross from Casimir.


As the Brazilian organization announced, he attested his placement to combat racism.

The Tunisians, in which Shirt from 1. FC Cologne started in midfield, concerned make up for Alibi (18th), that was quickly nullified by Richardson (19th). After the Brazilian's objective and also his joys, there was a thought racist incident: a banana flew towards the demonstrator.