[Interview] 'Grounded' -This story of a backyard from a real insect scholar

The survival cooperative game, which was released in late September, draws a trip to which children who are small for some reasons survive from the terrible threat of the backyard and regain their original body. If you remember a Disney movie 'The Kids Reduced' with similar stories in the past, it is not difficult to see that the concept of this game is based on imagination that anyone has thought about at least once.

Based on the universal imagination, 'Grounded' has gained much attention so that 10 million global players have experienced the game before the official launch. To continue this interest, the Xbox Game Studio, which serves the game, has distributed survival guides for adventurers who explore the backyard with prominent insect scholars.

As part of the backyard survival guide, tory has the opportunity to interview and receive interviews with Dr. Bryan Lesser, Ph.D., with the help of Microsoft Xbox. Contrary to the idea that the backyard will always be crowded with terrible insects, Dr. of our insect explained that 95%of the insects on the planet were harmless to humans.

Grounded, I hope to learn about biodiversity and get inspiration

Q. First, please introduce yourself.

= Hello, I am also known as Dr. Brian Reader, which is also known as the nickname 'By the Fly Guy'. He is also an Australian insect scholar and the author of 'Eyes On Flies', a young book. One of the advantages of my job is that I can directly attach the names of insects introduced in academia, and I have actually named more than 50 kinds of Paris, including Beyoncé Paris and Paul Paris.

Q. Talking with an insect scholar is not a common opportunity, but a lot of questions. What kind of research are you doing recently?

= In fact, it was not a personality that loves insects. Until I studied as part of the law of the Liberal Arts Class. In that class, I learned that maggots could help resolve crimes, and so far, I have dedicated my research in Paris.

My research focuses on discovering and naming new species so that other scientists, as well as civic scientists can identify and protect species that need human help. In addition, even DNA fingerprint harvests have proved that even the dung flies that ordinary people are annoying are an important moisture mediator of indigenous plants.

** Q. It is a traditional imagination that was shown in the 1989 movie 'The Children Reduced' in the size of insects. I wonder if Dr. have always imagined a similar imagination while studying insects.

= Almost always do it (laughs). If you look closely at the insects through a microscope every day, you can find the beauty hidden in the wonderful colors, textures, and structure. Of course, in the game 'Grounded', the insects are larger than you, so you can enjoy the power and beauty of insects without a microscope.

Q. Insects are known to move dozens of times larger than their bodies, so it's a terrible being for human beings. What are some things that human beings can do against them?

In fact, 95%of millions of insects around the world are harmless to humans. But some of them must be careful. If your body is reduced in the backyard, the first thing you need to do is to prepare a place to protect yourself. It may be helpful to cut the surrounding grass to create a fortress to protect yourself, or to live in an empty drink to keep your body from nocturnal animals.

Also, if it is human power, you can create something. It is also a good idea to create armor to protect yourself using hard fruit such as acorns or parts of insects. For example, the outside wings of the beetle are quite hard, which will be a good ingredient to make armor.

** Q. If you actually get an insect in the backyard, do you have the most important insects? Personally, the warts are so scary, I am curious about Dr.

= Mosquitoes are just very annoying to the general adults, but they are a scary guy who moves a deadly microorganism that causes malaria. Mosquitoes will have to ask one million times to pull out all the blood from a common person, but you may lose all the blood once you bite once or twice.

You should also be careful of the wolf spider looking for food. Because it has a sharp fang like a blade. It is important to have equipment with plants or pebble to protect yourself from these guys.

Q. I have a chance to interview thanks to the game called 'Ground'. I wonder if you have played this game. How did you feel when you face a wide backyard and huge insects in the game?

= Of course. I became a favorite survival adventure game at once. When I first entered the Xbox, I first entered the small world full of a carb of a car, and to check the people and smelled it as a troop, I smiled.

In addition, my favorite part of this game was to explore small and beautiful creatures in the backyard, which exists from soft grass to sand barrels similar to deserts. It was more exciting than I thought to leave an adventure as a new area in the backyard and to meet insects that I have never seen yet.

** Q. There are also various plants and smaller insects in the game.

= Of course, for survival, you must defeat hungry with dangerous creatures. Fortunately, there are some insects that can be eaten in the game. For example, it is also a way to fill the energy by baking each steak from the bonfire.

In fact, insects have abundant protein, vitamins, and minerals, and 2 million people around the world, including Korea, have already consumed insects for food. If I go back to Korea again, I want to try street food made with silkworm chrysalis.

Q. Is there a tip to survive in the backyard with a smaller body? All the bugs are scary, but aren't there any good guys?

= In fact, I believe that most insects in the world are kind to humans. You're busy moving the pollen of the plant and composting the forest, so you may not be able to notice what you are nearby.

Nevertheless, if the body suddenly decreases in the backyard, it may be a lonely thing to survive alone in a new environment for me. So I want to give advice to be a friend with a pet insect. Taming affectionate insects like aphids and living together!

Studies have shown that pets are very helpful in improving our mental health. You can already raise insects in reality, for example, for example, a great beetle to be a loyal colleague.

Q. Each insect seems to have weaknesses. Is there a good weakness to remember when you meet a threatening insect in the backyard?

= It's true that you need to be careful about hostile insects every moment. However, most aggressive insects start attacking only when they are too close to, so it's always important to keep a certain distance. It is recommended to protect themselves in a safe distance while shooting spears and arrows from a distance.

In reality, on the other hand, most insects are much more scared of you than you are afraid of them. If you choose their weaknesses, I would like to say that with climate change and extinction, we do our best to take care of these friends and their habitats.

** Q. In real life, not games, it feels more likely to be as big as insects than people become as small as insects. There is no unusual global weather due to climate change.

= That's right. Insects have a simpler physiology than humans. Insects do not have veins or arteries like humans, but instead of human complex circulatory systems, they send blood-like hemolysis through the gaps of the body. And it doesn't have a complex lungs like us, and instead supplies oxygen through a coffin called Tracheae. I don't know again. As science and medicine are rapidly developing, you can someday see huge insects or reduced humans like 'ground'.

The most worrying part of our world is that extinction is losing various species. In addition to climate change, human activities such as clearing are destroying the homes of insects. It may be extinct without sound rumors even before thousands of creatures are found in the future. For this reason, the first step to identify and protect species that need help is the name of scientists.

** Q. In fact, I know that in prehistoric times, there were insects that were human. In the future, the size of the insects is as then