LOL: The best change in patch is against toxicity and can go unnoticed

Toxicity is one of the problems that Riot Games tries to solve as the weeks progress. The latest novelty can be more than interesting and has surprised several players, such as Kingofelohell, known on the League of Legends server for having more than five million master's degrees with Mordekaiser

In a game a chat ban was executed to a partner , since the Viktor of his team went from 0/2, with numerous complaints to his teammates and Nintendo things every two for three, to achieve a good score and be one of the pillars to victory, thanks in part, that he could not write more in what was qualifying


some known adjustments

These adjustments have gone unnoticed by a large majority of players , since it appears in the patch notes. Without going any further, this is what puts the official notes of the game in Spanish:

Now we will detect the language with which we have zero tolerance in real time and in departure. When we detect it, the messages in question will not be sent to the rest of the players, and we will silence the offender. * In addition, we will notify all the players. *

Now that we trust more intentional sacrifices, we will increase the severity of the model in the high level levels of the cola only/qualifying duo. We will continue to analyze the situation in other queues and implement the necessary adjustments.

The players to whom you have honored will recently appear in the Add friend and Friendship menus. We want to make sure that it is easy for you to continue playing with those who have had it well in the past.

Without a doubt, these changes are very important in the game, which continues to try solutions to stop toxicity. It will be enough? We do not know this, but it is true that it is applauding that Riot wants to continue redoubling efforts in this regard since there are a large part of players who do not enjoy the experience of the qualifiers in League of Legends