AiToxy, 'Astellia Royal' P2E version

Worst [ Moon Byung-soo] The P2E version of 'Stella Royal' is released.

Story (CEO Boggy Jean) announced on the 4th that it will partner with the P2E Publisher Jell ix Labs to launch 'Pastel of AURA (AOA)' to the global market except Korea.

AOA is a P2E game based on Stella Royal Resources. Pastel with various charms is implemented as NFT. The company plans to introduce AOA in the global market as soon as possible through Jell ix Labs. Delivers Labs is a P2E publisher founded in 2017.

AOA's home, Stella Royal, is an authentic 3D MMORPG that can summon Pastel of the summoner concept up to three types to enjoy strategic battles. It is developed in Studio 8 and Antony is publishing in Korea.

Kim Sun-myung, head of the Antony Game Business Division, said, I am happy to meet a good partner with Stella Royal's recent popularity and challenge the new P2E market with great IP. I will spare no.

Meanwhile, Hitachi has exclusively for Stella Royal's domestic and overseas publishing rights, PC room business rights, and channeling business rights. Stella Royal has been in charge of service in Hitachi, and has recently increased sales of more than 500% compared to the same month last year.