Black Friday 2022 - Xbox Series S A 229 euros: Take this offer to land in the Next

the black friday has already arrived and many of us are hunting for an incredibly good offer of the most interesting products that we can acquire the next few days. There are many bargains that we have encountered by Amazon, the place where we have been able to see the greatest number of price drops, but we are left with one that we especially want to share if you are tired of waiting for a Next-Gen console: the Xbox SERIES S.

Xbox Series S is the best option for the next-gen if you are conformist

Talking about xbox series S is undoubtedly talking about a multipurpose console. It is true that it does not reach even for the power of the great monstrous of the Next-GEN as are the X or PlayStation 5 series, and its catalog is limited to only, and only what can be acquired digitally... but what more do you need the game pass?

If for 10 euros a month you have a good amount of high quality games to be able to play from the console, the option is more than viable for those who make up with playing the new games of the current generation. Let's say it is an Xbox One with steroids.

From the personal experience, the Xbox Series S is from afar the console that more and better I have amortized since I bought it just a year ago. Without a doubt it is a purchase that can be perfect especially for the youngest that mostly play very recurrent titles such as FIFA 23 or Call of Duty, but with the addition of Game Pass this range of games can be opened much more.

In addition, as Christmas gift comes that not even painted, since a console is always welcome in the house and gives rise to many moments with family and friends, since being so small you can take it practically anywhere with television and internet connection (or mobile data).

Other products that may interest you

The console is not the only thing that has a Microsoft offer for this Black Friday. Its current command used for consoles is also quite well price, being one of the most comfortable devices that you can use when playing anything. Because yes, PS5's dual sense is a real madness in feeling the game in your veins, but what you like are long sessions, Xbox's command is the option that we like more.

On the other hand we have some helmets for those who prefer to spend time alone with their console playing different immersive titles. They are headphones made by and for Xbox, and it is the first time since its departure that goes down so much price; The maximum they have dropped has been 100 euros, so you can take advantage of Black Friday to get them.


As we have told you throughout this article, all these products will not be available for offer forever, and it is likely that tomorrow morning they have returned to their usual price, so you take advantage of this moment not to regret The future or even to buy the gift of kings and save you problems with other people in the department stores to find Turbofan.