God of War Ragnarok: How to get the secret ending of Sindri and ok?

God of War Ragnarök has a secret ending that can be won after the first game end. For this you must complete a certain mission. This is the secret ending that shows what happened to Sindhi. Remembering that the text below contains spoilers.

Secret final by God of War Ragnarök

As we know, Odin disguised him as Try and was all the time infiltrated between the heroes. That way, as soon as Atreus gets the mask, he tries to steal her, but Book realizes that there was something wrong. At that moment Odin kills him and reveals himself.


From that moment Sindhi is devastated and the game changes completely from there. He stops appearing in stores and Book really died (again) since Sindhi had already resurrected his other once.

Mission: Funeral of a friend

You will need to complete the funeral mission of a friend who even yields a trophy. For this we need to follow a few steps, but we at MGG azil will help you.

  • You need to finish the main story
  • The funeral mission of a friend will appear, among the quests
  • Follow to the Tavern in Nidavevellir, which is in Waldheim, the dwarf land, there you will find Dublin
  • Follow to hangar
  • Cross the water and arrive in Very Sands
  • Interact with Book
  • You will get a trophy and see an animation
  • After that the game credits appear again

After Book's death, Sindhi changes radically and this is the moment of final farewell between Rates, Atreus and him. After that he disappears, and we don't see him again in the game. At that moment Mimic solves Book's charade.

With this we checked the secret ending of Sindhi and Book, ending the journey of the two dwarfs. They will not appear in stores anymore, but it will be Linda, Book's friend.