Leverkusens Andrich advises: It will not always be excellent

In the long run there was the joy of victory over every little thing. Naturally. The specialists from Bayer 04 are anything however successful in this season. The 2-1 in Fragrance implied a premiere for the factory club: for the very first time, Bayer won two video games in Series this season.

below ground very first half

Up until the break, the Champions League participant had significant troubles versus greatly substitute weak points, however extremely passionate Fragrance. Bayer missed almost everything. Certainly that was as well little, especially in terms of aggression, whined And rich.

A truth that Robert And rich later on puzzled. Whether that concerned an absence of willingness to run without a sphere or we were concentrated once again, the six-man guessed about the reasons that had actually just cautioned after the Union game that we are currently just tralalala-Football could play. An item of it was currently there, confessed the 28-year-old on Wednesday evening, but it wasn't the method I had not wished for.

Of training course that was insufficient, specifically in terms of aggression.

Robert And rich

After a few mins, the appearance in Müngersdorf did not lead any individual to a wonderful bliss. Ultimately, the very first fifty percent ( she was again below ground, stated captain Lukas Radetzky) a bitter regression after the solid 2nd half in the 5-0 against Union Berlin.

Bayer's weak very first fifty percent additionally have tactical reasons. Bayer did not put pressure on Cologne's game structure in the center, neither can the variable over Leverkusen's right-wing half-space be inspected defensively behind the protection chain.

For a player kind like And rich, the absence of essentials is tough to comprehend as before the break. Therefore, he did not wish to introduce the turn or accredit his group a really brand-new mindset. Man was the solution of the six, whether Bayer, which won for the initial time this season after a deficit, finally developing something like attitude, it will certainly not always function well if you are protective in the very first fifty percent, particularly in the Compactness plays this way.

TAH strange red with his duty

Only at half-time did the troubles be addressed. ABI Alonso Callum Hudson-Odoi drew back from the left tornado position to the half-right midfield and soon later on Jamie Crimping, up until after that ideal defender in a chain of 5, also against the round further forward. We switched over to the chain of 4 and after that had a little even more time with the round, said ABI Alonso afterwards, Callum discovered areas between the lines. The wing players were greater. Apart from the system modification, the spirit, the power, was that were much farther better. This is a good direction that we have taken there.

He often had to hurting much forward from his placement, often acted extremely close to the sidelines, creating troubles with the movable Fragrance. Due to a lack of assistance from the front male Excel Palacios, who acted defensively on the right and sometimes left of And rich, he was not continuously protecting against the areas in his back as with 0: 1.

The jokers allow the equilibrium of power tilt

In link with a three-way adjustment after just under an hour, these procedures provided a strong 10 minutes from Bayer and also the turn. The Joker, Amine DLI as well as especially objective scorers Nadeem Amir had the equilibrium of power slanted at the very least in the meantime. The fact that it did not continue to be certain after the 2-1 was additionally an indication that the turn has not yet been accomplished.

We enjoy taking such a good, dirty derby success with

I assume we are far from moving than, the midfielder specified appropriately, if you as a group are a little a lot more solid, you play such games down more confidently, yet we would certainly more than happy to take such a great, filthy derby victory with you.

And rich: I am incredibly annoyed

Personally, the And rich had to pay versus Stuttgart with his fifth yellow card as well as therefore a lock on Saturday. Nevertheless, completely wrong, as the fighter whined properly. I am incredibly upset regarding it. Really, it's stupid that I go there, yet in fact I do not comprehend it either, said And rich, who had occupied Perfume Jan Thailand with a little garbage talk, whereupon this And rich was worried. Even if I try to prompt an opponent and that replies to it does not know why I am the guilty of the truth that a pack development begins, slammed the midfielder.


You star, stand up

Specifically given that And rich's provocation for league problems was rather subtle. Umpire Tobias Staider left him as perplex as Bayer's look prior to half-time.

The experts from Bayer 04 are anything yet successful in this period. The 2-1 in Cologne indicated a premiere for the factory club: for the first time, Bayer won 2 games in Collection this season.

Man was the solution of the six, whether Bayer, which won for the initial time this period after a deficit, finally creating something like mindset, it will not always function well if you are defensive in the very first fifty percent, especially in the Compactness plays that means.

Bayer's weak very first fifty percent also have tactical reasons. Bayer did not put pressure on Perfume's video game framework in the facility, nor might the variable over Leverkusen's right-wing half-space be checked defensively behind the defense chain.