Neptune completed the merger of AdX, an ad -tech company

The merger process with Neptune and Ad Tech, a company, has been completed. Neptune was merged with the merger of ADX, and Neptune has made it a new subsidiary of 'Ad X Plus', 'Entice Studio', 'Code Dog' and 'En Broke'.

Neptune's 100% subsidiary, Ad X Plus, takes over the existing ADX's advertising business. Through its own development algorithm, we operate a platform that provides one-stop all services for mobile advertising, such as partner management of advertising networks, optimal advertising UX proposals, and integrated dashboards that can identify performance at a glance.

'Entice Studio', 'Code Dog', and 'En Broke' are all mobile game developers, and Neptune is able to diversify the game lineup and genre through the IP and development power of the game company.

In particular, Only's masterpiece, Infinite Stairs, exceeded 10 million downloads in Korea. In the third quarter of 2021, App Annie, in the third quarter of 2021, it ranked 3rd after 'Rowlocks' and 'Bolster' in the domestic monthly active user (MAU) ranking, and is still wide enough to maintain the 10th place. It is a popular IP that is loved.

Neptune has laid the foundation for a more stable promotion of new businesses such as financial indicators, strengthening game businesses, and meths and Virtual Human through the merger. The scheduled date for the merger registration is November 3rd.

ADX, an argument, recorded sales of 26.4 billion won and operating profit of W16bn by the end of 2021.