Cánderace: Details and date of the new therancitat

We already know the next 7-star therancitat that we can play in scarlet and purple Pokémon. This is nothing more and nothing less than Contract, a gala Pokemon very dear to the community, which will feature the struggle ratio and the Compatibility emblem. Although the time comes we will tell you how to defeat it, for now we focus on the details of the event, which will only be available for a few days.


These 7 stars therancitat will only be available for a limited time, exactly in the same way we already saw in Harvard's. The following windows will open where you can face him to try to capture him. From December 30 (01:00 Spanish time) to January 1 (00:59) From 13 (01:00 Spanish time) to January 15 00:59 Candace is a Pokémon introduced in the eighth generation of the saga (Pokémon sword and shield).

It is the lt evolution of Sorbonne, the initial fire type. We know that in theraincters it will be benefited by the struggle, although the ability it will have is unknown. The ability that usually h is llam, which enhances 50% fire-type attacks when their PS fall below one third, although it h libero hidden ability, things will be even more difficult, because it allows you to change type before making a movement of it. That is, it will take advantage of the STAB to attack more strongly regardless of the blow you use.


In addition to Contract, which stands out for not being part of the Pale Pokédex ( already happened with Harvard), there will also be Deli bred Theranos, the Christm Pokémon. A clsic of the saga that is already part of scarlet and purple Pokémon, which you can capture without problems at almost any snapped saw.