Dirk Bauermann: Return to DBB – new chief of youth talent

After a decade away, Dirk Baumann has returned to the German Basketball Band (DBB) as the new Chief of Young Talent. His return marks a major shift in the direction of youth development in Germany, and we'll discuss what this means for the future of basketball in this article!

Former nationwide coach Dirk Baumann returns to the German Basketball Band (DBB) after more than 10 years as a new chief of young skill.

The 65-year-old was worked with by the association as a nationwide coach and planner for young male, Baumann begins his long-lasting activity on January first. With Dirk Baumann we have won a tested expert who has actually constantly taken care of the interests of the children since the start of his career as a basketball coach. , stated DBB President Ingo Weiss.


Baumann was a national coach for a couple of weeks during the 1994 World Cup, from 2003 to 2011 he took control of the post once again and won the European Championships with the 2005 national team. The experienced trainer, with Leverkusen and Bamberg total German champ nine times, should, according to DBB, in coordination with men's national coach Gordon Herbert and the young nationwide coaches to bear the whole conceptual obligation in the male youth location. In the more than 30 years of professional s, I was permitted to have a great deal of experiences, have learned a lot. It is time to return something. I'm really pleased to go back to your house, stated Baumann: My job is above all in it to sustainably support our young skills in their development and to efficiently prepare them for the requirements of modern-day European basketball. Baumann was also a nationwide coach in Poland, Iran and Tunisia.