Dreamhack: After A Two-Year Break, It Feels Like We Never Left

The Dream hack in Hanover is just getting off the ground - and they're doing a great job so far. But, fans of the event are also longing for old times.

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We have already discovered that there is a specific uncertainty. How do you deal with the pandemic and the flu waves? Are people coming back to an event? What we have also seen: Longing has actually grown. Numerous long for theirs, theirs

It is the very first dream hack because the pandemic that happens physically once again. Given that Thursday and till Sunday (December 15th to 18th), the city of Hanover, whose trade fair and the Freaks 4U company and the company Freaks 4U are welcoming you to a various event in Germany's north. As usual, there is a whole hall in which gamers construct their PCs and gamble through day and nights and sleep there. But likewise two more halls, in which whatever is served, from publishers, to eSport tournaments, lectures and indie games to tabletop events. A look at the LAN hall. Here everyone brings their PC with them and can bet others as they please. Picture alliance/DPA eSport was already on site on Thursday and asked: How do you restart after a two-year break and how is that accepted? Michael Danish, CEO of the freaks 4U states: We have already noticed that there is a specific uncertainty. How do you deal with the pandemic and the influenza waves? Are people returning to an event? What we have actually likewise seen: Yearning has grown. Many long for theirs, theirs Gamer fans are not so easy in the last few years. The Dream hack is an excellent location for it since this can occur across play.

30,000 people must come

It is an event for the players? The city of Hanover and the fair are likewise there with fire and flame. You want to do something long-term and make the Dream hack twice a year to be precisely this conference point. And the indications are good: Due to the advance reservation figures, we presume that our goals of inviting 20-30,000 individuals here can be carried out, states Danish. The mayor of the city, Belt Only, is also at the press conference. He is a gamer himself, comes with Christmas socks and chats about his strategies: Hanover should end up being eSport-Stadt and Esport is cultural possession. The Green Mayor has actually already promoted in the election campaign, as he informs and desires to go even greater: A Europe-wide management and good example position is striving for: The Dream hack fits exactly what we desire to advance with the trade fair and the city. Climate defense and eSport. Mayor Belt Only (Wed) and Michael Danish (second from left) supply responses to our questions. eSport Games com is discussed, which has already revealed this year that physical trade fairs are possible again.


Whether people are coming once again, now at this time, we have currently asked ourselves as industry, states Danish. The trade fair in Perfume showed that it is less, however with over 250,000 visitors Games com was likewise in demand. As at the leading fair, the halls did not wish to load excessive in Hanover, states Danish. A vital point, due to the fact that using the example of games com has been seen: Nintendo, EA and different other large publishers just canceled and announced their developments in their own stream. This accomplishes more individuals and costs a fraction of the expensive exhibition costs. We ask: How do you handle it? Danish is in the topic: There are business that more than happy to go to trade fairs again. Some publishers have seen, marketing steps work well online and after that waited initially. The feedback we got was already that they in some cases was sorry for not having actually viewed the physical events. It is another method to deal with individuals. He concludes: The digital world is great and excellent, however it does not replace the individual interaction, the discussions that you have and the neighborhood.

brand-new target group in focus

Appropriately, Riot Games, for example, is on the Dream hack, with which Freaks 4U also keeps a close partnership. As in Cologne, the focus is on another target group for trade fairs: Indie game developers: Often they do not have the marketing budget plans to perform big (marketing) projects. We have actually made special deals for them, so that they are low-cost here can fulfill their communities. It seems to be a well-thought-out method in Hanover and thanks to the helping politics, a long-term task. The Dream hack runs until Sunday and is open to everybody. 06. December 202254: 58 minutes

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