Few Germans Use Return Service For Electrical Devices


Under the new law, customers are entitled to return old appliances in a supermarket or discounter. Nevertheless, many people still do not know about it. And therefore few Germans use the return service for electrical devices.

Merely hand over old electrical home appliances in the grocery store or at the discounter: With this alternative that has existed given that July 1, recycling of disused mobile phone, old razors and comparable little devices in Germany should be enhanced. The new tax workplaces have actually so far been utilized only hesitantly, as a study by the German Press Company revealed among the big German retail chains. The Room Group, which in addition to the supermarkets of the same name, likewise consists of the Cent discount rate chain: So far, little has been used in our markets. only utilized in moderation.

And Lidl reported: Up until now we have found that this offer is being accepted. According to its own statements, Germany's biggest food dealership Edema was unable to offer any information on use due to the fact that of its cooperative, decentralized structure. The EDEMA discount subsidiary Net to reported that the demand differs depending upon the branch area.