Flensburg Kanters: The Champions Of The Northern Derby

In the Bundesliga, Flensburg and Kiel have always been the two heavyweights who face off head to head. But, this time, Flensburg Banters won the derby with a whopping 36:23 win and are now one of the favorites for the Champions League in 2020.

Bang in the HBL! The SG Flensburg has won the distinguished north duel with the THW Kiel with 36:23 (17:12) and even more increased the tension in the Bundesliga. Due to the all of a sudden high success, the home side even kept the long shot of being able to step in once again in the title race. The leaders are now the foxes Berlin (29: 5 points), who won 30:28 at the promoted VFL Gummersbach and exceeded the THW (28: 6) in the table. The Rhein-Neckar Lower (27: 7) and Master SC Magdeburg (25: 5), which were once again strengthened, are also guaranteeing in the race, both of whom had the ability to win their video games on the weekend. In front of 6,300 viewers in the sold-out Flensburg arena, Emil Jacobsen with 8 goals for Flensburg along with Harald Ranking and Nicolas Berg with five goals for Kiel were the outstanding shooters.

more technical mistakes in the THW pekeler-red

The preliminary phase of the game was identified by two strong rows of defense. Considering that the Killers made more technical errors and poorer degrees, the encounter reversed in favor of the hosts.

In addition to goalkeeper Benjamin BRIC, left wing Jacobsen likewise had a decisive part of this. The Dane scored the 12: 8 (22nd minute) by speed, at 15:10 (27th) and 16:10 (28th) he satisfied by 7 meters. At the beginning of the 2nd half, Kiel reduced 3 hits to 15:17 within just 90 seconds. The Flensburg were likewise unimpressed by Kiel's seven-against-six game Captain Johannes Golda increased with two objectives to the empty THW objective to 24:17 (40th). In the 47th minute, Kiel's defense strategist Hendrik Peeler saw the red card after a foul on SG playmaker Jim Gottfridsson. With the 29:20 by Simon Had a minute later on, the choice was made. It was the highest Flensburg victory in the history of the North Classic.

stats on the game.

17. Game day: SG Flensburg-Handewitt-Thw Kiel 36:23 (17:12).


Tore SG Flensburg-Handewitt: E. M. Jacobsen 8/3, Golda 7, Gottfridsson 5, Rod 5, Larsen 3, L.K. Miller 3, Larsson 2, J. Hansen 2, Had 1. THW Kiel: Berg 5/3, Ranking 5, Duncan 3, Sago sen 3, Arabic 3, Wallis 2, M. Landing 1, Pabst 1. Referee: Tobias Townies (Stendhal)/ Robert Schulz (Magdeburg). Viewers: 6300. Bad guy minutes: 2/8. Disqualification: -/ Peeler (46. ).