New Vampire Survivors Free Content Updates

Vampire Survivors is a multiplayer game that places you in the shoes of a human who has to fight off vampires, who are trying to take over the world. With the new content updates, this game is going to be more difficult than ever before!

This week, Vampire Survivors got his first DLC with Tradition of the Moon spell. This broadens the game by 8 new characters, 13 brand-new weapons and a substantial new stage. As developer Ponce Games has actually now confirmed, there will likewise be other free updates with brand-new content for the Rogue lite Action Experience.

LCS will always only be additional material in the type of phases, beasts, weapons, characters, and so on. Items, power-ups, video game mechanics and more are still included to the basic video game, so you don't need to hesitate to miss something if you don't purchase the DLC, says the present spot notes on Steam.

About the fair rates of the DLC, which only costs 1.99 euros, the developer stated: As always, the neighborhood is extremely friendly, and we get numerous remarks of this kind, some mean as compliments, some seriously. I am extremely grateful for it, however much like the primary game, the DLC has a price that feels right for me and reflects its production value.

For the DLC, I still had to fill a few gaps by utilizing possession packs, so a low price and frequent discounts simply appear fair.

The artists who have taken part in the DLC were also applauded: For the previous couple of months and the DLC we had excellent artists such as Glacier Kodak and Pitapat for the new graphics; Daniele Sandra and his new bangs with live recordings; The little surprise in the DLC trailer; And an entire business that we support in order to have the ability to start on all present platforms.

Ponce still needs time (and important people!) To achieve a greater production value. Vampire Survivors' base game is also consisted of in the Xbox Video Game Pass Download Vampire Survivors for Xbox 4.99 euros or Game Pass.


  • Download Vampire Survivors Tradition of the Moon spell for Xbox-1.99 euros