Portugal Mania: Why They're The Surprise Team Of This World Cup


Portugal have been the surprise team of this World Cup. They have won all four of their games despite being given very little chance to even qualify, let alone go deep into the knockout rounds.

They disrupted each of our relocations with fouls, but the referee barely stepped in, said Pepe to the management of Fecund Tells in the 3rd quarter-final video game in between Morocco and Portugal (1-0). The goalkeeper delays the video game, many small fouls, however the referee does not give a yellow card, said Pepe. The referee didn't whistle well, specifically in the second half. Tells von Pepe also got criticism for injury time: eight minutes were arranged, however in this Morocco's Valid Cheddar saw the yellow-red card. However, Tells whistled practically on time after 8 minutes. He no longer lets the yellow-red card replay. We only played. We might have done something. I'm actually upset. The 39-year-old not just criticized the referee, but also his attachment by FIFA. Due To The Fact That Tells is Argentinian, and the South Americans are still in the race at the 2022 World Cup, with a significant 4: 3 in the penalty shootout against the Netherlands like Morocco in the semi-finals.

It is unacceptable that an Argentine referee whistles our video game. With that, Pepe was not alone. I discover it extremely strange that a referee whistles whose country is still in the tournament, said Bruno Fernandes by Manchester United. It was extremely odd that no Portuguese referees had actually been chosen for the World Cup since we have Champions League referees. And this referee does not whistle champs League, said Manchester United's professional.

Santos: We should not blame the referee

In contrast, National coach Fernando Santos was more in self-criticism rather of looking for the regret with the referee. We could have done more, we didn't do that, we should not blame the referee for that.

He no longer lets the yellow-red card replay. We only played. I'm actually angry.