Quickly in the interview I would just enjoy the game

Against Poland (2: 0, ed.) The huge quality was visible, likewise in the first half against Saudi Arabia (1: 2, d. Red.). It will be interesting to see how well Australia can defend such a strong offensive. In the end, however, there is hardly any chance, specifically due to the fact that the Argentinians have actually now truly arrived in the tournament.

Obviously a surprise is always possible, but it will be really, very tough.

Marco Kurt Is it helpless? I would just take pleasure in the game, it is currently an enormous success for Australia. And they played truly strong against France initially, which must likewise be a warning for the Argentine. Naturally, a surprise is always possible, but it will be very, very tough. Do the fans boycott the World Cup, in spite of the success? Difficult to say, I can't actually picture it. I presume that every football lover is being in front of the television.

In Germany, Marco Kurt worked as a coach at 1860 Munich, 1. FC Kaiserslautern, FC Ingolstadt and Fortuna Düsseldorf. In between 2017 and 2020, the 53-year-old spent 3 years in Australia, initially trained Adelaide United for two seasons and then proceeded to league competitor Melbourne Success. He discovered a lot about football in Down Under, developed a good relationship with the present national coach Graham Arnold and even cared for three specialists from his present nationwide team squad.


On Wednesday, Australia hit Denmark 1-0 and moved into the round of 16 of the World Cup. Did a wonder take place, Mr. Kurt? Not a wonder. It surprised me since the Australians were not preferred. Particularly after the clear 1: 4 defeat against France. Why did the soccer continue? They have actually never ever been postponed, did their homework against Denmark and beat good standards. They also try to play football with their ways. However naturally the key is the compact defensive. Were the Australians so good or the Danes so weak? Obviously, Denmark never discovered the shape at this World Cup. You didn't feel that the troop was likewise a system. That is the possibility for a group like Australia. The players utilized them. For instance, you trained a Craig Goodwin, a Thomas Deng or a Riley McGee. Precisely, and naturally you also learn more about the others who play in the A-League quite well as a fitness instructor. What is the relationship with your previous professionals? I am always in contact with Craig, I have actually currently congratulated him on the success. They likewise exchange concepts with coach Graham Arnold. He was a coach at Sidney FC during my Australia duration, we have a perfect relationship. Actually a terrific success for him, the country and obviously the players. How does Arnold impact you? He is extremely peaceful, prudent, constantly had a great connection to the group. With this kind, he was really effective at the club level (2 Australian championships, two cup wins, d. Red.) And shaped the group so that it works well as a collective. That needs to be almost, after all, hardly any of the specialists plays in a top league. Yes, even the domestic A-League has no high level. However, if you strike Denmark 1-0, you are being worthy of. The strategies with a few pinpricks from a compact defensive also opened. Sure, the defensive network is a strength. A high pressing against France, for example, would have been the wrong method, even if the French played their quality after 20 minutes and then deservedly won. Which gamers are vital in this group? Mitchell Duke, the sole idea, is a physically strong player who is likewise trying to find completion of the captivity. Craig Goodwin is also an exceptional preparer, has a strong left foot. And Matthew Jackie? He once did not make his development in the Bundesliga-Weder near Playback at Bertha. The 31-year-old scored the objective of the day against Denmark. He has a great deal of speed, a strong dribbler as can be seen in his objective. The group has various types of players. The mix does it with the Australians? Yes, it is extremely pleasant. As in the past, there is no outstanding star, a Tim Chill or Mark Vodka. In addition, the group can not push for 90 minutes, and the substance over an entire competition is also missing. However, they just have a strong defensive and presently the happiness and quality in the end. Would one of the actors have the level for the Bundesliga? I want to see McGee in Germany, a minimum of with a leading group of the second league, I would trust him to do a squad place with a very first division group. He is a great preparer, however also has a strong body. What is the absence of Australia to train more skills? The league has no substructure, no working youth idea.

Particularly, this indicates that the league is not strong enough for the training of leading skills. Can the World Cup give a thrust? I would currently like a hype, however you need to wait. The reality is: the Australians are very happy of their success. Investments would be great, according to the motto: Now, with this success in the back, we need to change the structures. A first action would be to be a routine at the World Championships. Now it continues at this World Cup. Argentinian is waiting with a world-class feline on Saturday.