The 11 Most Outrageous Acts of Sportsmanship in World Cup History

To be a sportsperson is to have a competitive spirit, and to be competitive means that you're always looking for an edge to make sure you beat your opponent. However, not all athletes are driven by the same emotions. Here are 11 of the most outrageous instances of sportsmanship from history!

As a spectator, whether in the arena or in front of the television, the overview had actually long considering that been lost, to whom referee Antonio Mate Labor is currently holding a yellow card in front of your nose. However, what really everyone could see: Argentina and the Netherlands combated a World Cup quarter-finals on Friday evening, which ought to not play a function in the next allowance of the FIFA Airplay Prize. The seconds before and after the decisive charge, which Lazaro Martinez confidently converted to the Argentinian 4: 3 triumph I. The seconds later on spread with photo material on the net in no time: Prior to they commemorated the semi-finals with Lazaro Martinez and keeper Emiliano Martinez, a number of Argentinians provoked gestures to the Dutch, which were simply dissatisfied at the center. Nicolas Amend, for instance, put her hands on a We hear nothing message on his ears.

AMEND: The photo was torn from the context

In short: the Argentinians buffooned their just below opponents. An awful unsportsmanlike, which, nevertheless, had a history: another ugly unsportsmanlike.


Later, videos appeared, which reveal how a number of Dutch Lazaro Martinez accompany a piece on the way to the penalty point and apparently persuade him. Denzel Dumfries-and later seemed to desire to get the 5th Argentine shooters out of the fifth and his teammates. I cheered on her face because there was a Dutch player who has come to each of our charge and said something about among our gamers, Amend was estimated in various media. Which had actually apparently caused the 34-year-old defender a similarly unjust vengeance. The photo was torn from the context.

later the justifications go further

No surprise that the provocations continued cheerfully later on. Goalkeeper Martinez, who parried the very first two penalties, required an additional video clip, undesirable things required Oranje-Bank, Lionel Messi insulted Out Ween during his television interview; And this in turn later came together in the catacombs with Argentina's ex-international Sergio Auger, who still thought about the Dutch with a couple of nasty tweets (FIFA is going). Throughout the video game, public pack development had actually currently occurred after Parades shot the ball after a nasty on Nathan AKE versus the Dutch bank.

On Saturday, FIFA announced that after all the heated occurrences against both associations.