Timo Pitter, TSV Aubstadt: Ich spiele gern Basketball

Time Bitter has a lot to say about his job. That he's working in the world, that he doesn't just play soccer or basketball but also gets to know the world through his job. He's a member of the coaching staff at TSV Abstract and is responsible for organizing different tournaments and other sports events.

He is one who has seen the world and has actually experienced a lot. When Time Bitter is talked about in Abstract, this is how it sounds. Because expertly, the 30-year-old outside vehicle gamer is employed as a project manager at a producer of large photovoltaic systems and is mainly used worldwide. He is presently utilized in Denmark's capital Copenhagen. He is possible for him through his global degree, which he got during a five-year remain in the United States. However, the technically experienced gamer also has a unique function on the square. In the group of coach Victor Leaden, he is particularly defined by his video game intelligence, with which he dominated balls of anticipation and brings to the objective in the fastest method. The former USA scholarship holder finished 22 out of 23 video games this season, only last at 0-1 at Turkic Munich he was substituted. A truth that reveals that Bitter is among the job managers on the pitch not only at work however likewise at TSV Abstract. Not least due to the high pension, the concern develops whether a demanding full-time job and at the very same time a management function in a regional league team such as TSV Abstract are suitable. Bitter reveals it. Being half an expert, he emphasizes, absolutely operates in any case. Can he live on it nowadays? Words how, Bitter responds, who had to learn early that securing in the fast-moving football business is important.

studies in the USA

In his career, the local of Schweinfurt had actually already held every status that you can have as a footballer: from a great deal of investing amateur footballers to the professional to the retired player. The Lower Franconian had actually already hung up his shoes since the profession was chosen prior to sport because at the age of just 25. With this effort, how I played football, the entire thing was not fixed up, he explains his choice. Back to the football beginnings. The Oberschwarzacher kicked at FC Gerolzhofen and 1. FC Schweinfurt 05 till the Abitur, where he made the league into the regional league for the first time before the youngster moved to the USA into the USA. At Creighton University, the then 19-year-old received a scholarship for economics in 2012 and played as a scholarship holder for the university group Creighton Blue jays prior to he leaves the Major League Soccer handled. Bitter was enabled to call himself an expert. It was a difference to train every day and fly across the nation for games, says Bitter. Back in Germany, the eloquent in summer 2017 has ended in his pocket. Bitter had actually arrived substantially fitter, however without professional experience, and wanted to gain a grip in an expertly. Said and done.


Football, he worked with the sixth division team SV Auerbach/K Berg prior to going to TSV Abstract in 2019. I needed conditions that offer me liberty with a task and football a maximum of a day a week, he states. The attacker found these conditions in Abstract. I can dip into the highest Bavarian amateur level and come close to my 23-year-old I. It is a win-win circumstance for both sides. Lastly, coach Leaden rarely talks about routine places or routine formation, but likes to emphasize that he can refrain from doing without his leader in the best midfield. Bitter, the kid of a school director, is a floating force between the charge areas. Stress control is at the majority of due to late substitutes. When the cheese is consumed, he states. The world traveler does not surprise the reality that the TSV is playing up once again this season.

We are the greatest when we bring our best virtue, the tough work, to the square, he emphasizes. Bitter is both at the same time: fighter and professional. He brings energy into the changing video game both at work as a job supervisor for photovoltaic systems and at TSV Abstract.