Wolfsburg: Masking Slat

VFL Wolfsburg is in the Bundesliga. They're also the most traveled professional football club in Germany, because they've got to constantly go away games on a train. So after players were caught taking selfies with their masks still on and embarrassed the team for the umpteenth time, VFL Wolfsburg decided it was time for an intervention.


Duty exchange at VFL Wolfsburg: After the Bundesliga professionals had a number of times the mask obligation on an away trip by train as well as triggered negative headlines, the players of the Lower Saxony will certainly support the penance train attendant of Deutsche Bahn for someday in their tasks. We assumed concerning what we can do. We will currently see how irritating it is absolutely to highlight repeatedly that the masks have actually to be put on, claimed group captain Maximilian Arnold.

s Taking Care Of Director Jörg Schmidt, that had actually plainly criticized the behavior of the VFL specialists at the tour of Leverkusen internally at the end of October, welcomes the idea of the group council: I think that has an excellent symbolism that indicates that the players recognized that you did something wrong. A day as a train attendant with Germany is a little sticking. Feasible days are the journeys to the away games on January 24 at Bertha BSC to Berlin as well as on January 28 at Welder Bremen. Schmidt, whose office will be taken control of by Marcel Schaefer on February 1, presses the speed. I no more have gain access to in February. As well as I want this to be carried out, stated the 58-year-old.