Is Niclas Füllkrug Planning To Change Clubs In The Summer? A Look At What The Future Holds For

Nicolas Fuller had actually been silent for almost 3 weeks given that SV Welder Bremen left the training camp in Spain which day when the change of his specialist agency became public. Because then, his desire to talk about the irritating questions in the transfer period has actually been restricted and openly admitted on Saturday evening. After the 2-1 win versus VFL Wolfsburg, he then offered numerous responses. Of all, the most crucial thing: that he himself presumes that he continues to open the transfer window for the promoted obstacle in the remaining second half of the second half of the 2nd half of the second half of the second half of the 2nd half of the 2nd half of the 2nd half of the 2nd half of the 2nd half.


I do not believe anything else is happening, stated Fuller and at the exact same time emphasized that he was pleased in Bremen. Much so that he had recently canceled other interested parties, as he revealed: Whatever that came was put off by me in the very first instance, I didn't get it from Welder.

Fuller: What that brings with it will be shown

In summer season this may alter, even if Fuller, asked about this possibility, ends the discussion friendly and with a laugh: Now it's over... In any case, his change of consultation from the long-time career buddy Gunther Bauhaus to the company Roofing, close, suggested, The truth that the nationwide striker deals with such a step, what is genuine in view of his Bundesliga Prisoners 12 and 13, which will continue to verify his personal high in 2023. It is much of it that has actually prompted filling containers to change something again in his career preparation. He spoke of a successful time with Bauhaus, to which a partially friendly relationship developed: We interacted for a long time. And sometimes you have a believed to attempt something else, stated Fuller: That was mine Feeling, and then I simply investigated. What this brings with it will be revealed.