FSV Mainz 05 Patience Pays Off - Jonathan Burkardt to Make Debut in Final Phase of the Season

U21 international Jonathan Burkhart will be readily available to FSV Mainz 05 at the earliest in the final stage of this season.

The 22-year-old needs to minimize the stress structure due to a bone marrow edema in the area of the left knee after assessment with the team medical professionals and adapt to the recovery process, the association said. According to the present status, a re-entry into the load structure is just prepared from the beginning of March.


Burkhart, who suffered the injury in mid-November in the Rhine-Main derby against Eintracht Frankfurt, is much longer than initially feared. The striker was operated on in Munich in early December and was originally supposed to return to training after 6 weeks. Mainz trainer BO Venison had already suggested on Thursday that he was not preparing with Burkhart for the time being. It doesn't run the method we wished for it. He will not be readily available to us for the next couple of weeks, said Venison. According to the association, everyone involved has accepted support Jonathan Burkhart in the very best possible method his healing. When the striker is back on the pitch remains open.