Gerhardt, Nmecha and Svanberg Ready for Double Night Showdown as Wolfsburg's Coach Kovac Takes Trip to Gelsenkirchen

Nike Kovacs does not desire to leave a chain discussion. The VFL coach is securely of the opinion that victory and defeat in football do not necessarily depend upon the system, however rather on the general look of the team. Strength, aggressiveness, the 51-year-old strokes, the elements with and versus the ball. Nonetheless, his team did not play successfully this season when it concerns the triple or Has actually acted. In the back series in the 2: 4 versus Cologne, the effort at half-time, like an experiment, ended, versus Union Berlin in the cup (1: 2) and now FC Bayern (2: 4), against the Kovacs after the 0: 3 Going back to the chain of 4 also failed to emerge. If you win, states Kovacs, whatever is great. If you don't win, there are beginning points.

Much suggests that the Croatian go back to Schalke on Friday for the tested 4-3-3 formation. A plan in which the VFL stayed unbeaten in front of the last three cashed beats in the league and cup in a row, out of the table cellar into the upper half of the tableau. The 4-3-3 appeared to be tailored to the team, although of course every fitness instructor likes to be able to act as flexibly as possible.

no threat at Lukas Mecca

The squad alone uses versatility, naturally. In the storm, Kovacs has the choice between Jonas Wind, Omar Marmots and so gradually Lukas Mecca, although a beginning fine for the global, who commemorated his return after his knee injury last Sunday, came prematurely. Action by action, highlights the coach, we need to bring it.

high competitive pressure

In the offending midfield, on the other hand, with Yannick Gerhard, Felix MECCA and MATTHIAS SAALBERG, three players are on the move, but the double night in 4-3-3 just offers space for 2 of them. Yannick sensationally performed after his injury, Kovacs applauds the 28-year-old along with his rivals. Then Felix came just as well, now it is Matthias's turn. The level of these three players makes it that everybody needs to go a shovel to be there. Measured by the current kind, there is no chance around Steinberg.


The Swede, who is devoted to Bologna in summer season for 9 million euros, has actually noticeably got utilized to the intensive video game in Wolfsburg and the Bundesliga, is now with two goals and four design templates in the league, with its runs into the penalty area in nearly every video game harmful. I am happy, says Kovacs, that he has actually developed so well. He has constantly been focused, never quit, he has actually increased constantly. That is what we want to see. No matter in which system.